Bend Family Photographer | Fall What to Wear Guide

One of THE most common questions I get from my families is, “What should we wear?!?!” – usually in a panicked voice. DON’T WORRY! I am here to help! When you book a Bend Family Photography session with me I will send you my full What to Wear guide and help you every step along the way. But since we are in the thick of fall family photography season I thought it might be fun to share some real time, amazing inspiration for anyone out there who still hasn’t finalized their family outfits for their photography session.

First and foremost – PLEASE do not feel like you need to go and buy everyone in your family a new outfit for your photo session. Chances are, you have some pretty great options in your closet already. But if you want to treat yourself to a new dress or your little one to a holiday outfit, by all means feel free.

Second – please, please, PLEASE make sure that everyone is comfortable. Clothes should fit well and not be too big or too tight. Have everyone sit down and run around in their outfits to make sure they work in a variety of poses. Chances are you will be moving around a lot in your session (as well as sitting down) and you want to make sure everyone’s clothes are going to cooperate.

Third of all – be true to who you are as a family. You’ll notice that the inspiration boards I have put together below are tonal, comfortable and pretty neutral. That’s because that is what I am most drawn to, and I happen to think that neutrals make for timeless photos. HOWEVER!! If you are a family that loves bright patterns and awesome colors, please show that in your photos. These family portraits are about YOU as a family, if you dress like someone else you will never be happy with the photos.

Number Four – PLAN AHEAD! This is a tip that even I need to remind myself of when we have family portraits done. Try and have everyone’s outfits together one week before your session. That way, if you need to get anything dry cleaned or you need to exchange and item for a different size, you have plenty of time to do that without getting stressed out.

Fifth –  Don’t forget about shoes! If you are shooting outside you will likely need shoes. Make sure that they are clean and comfortable for everyone. Dirty shoes can stand out like a sore thumb and if your little ones shoes are too small you know they are going to take them off as soon as they possibly can. MOM – if you want to wear heels and are going to be outside, your best bet is to wear a cool pair of wedges – that way your heels won’t get stuck in the grass.

LASTLY – My last little tip for Fall family portraits is to think LAYERS and TEXTURES. Mix up fabrics, layer on a sweater or add a statement necklace (which can be removed in some photos for even more variety) or a great scarf or a cute hat. Gauzy dresses, chunky knit sweaters, crisp button downs – the possibilities are endless!


Mom – Anthropologie, J Crew, Gap, Nordstrom, Target, Free People, Old Navy

Dad – J Crew, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Nordstrom, REI for flannels and winter vests

Kiddos – Zara Kids, Baby Gap, Target, mini Boden, Hanna Anderson, Crewcuts, Osh Kosh


family session what to wear guidefamily session what to wear guide

family session what to wear guide

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