Bend Family Photographer | Five Tips for Your Family Photography Session

Having your family photos taken is an exciting – and probably stressful – occasion.

Will the kids behave?
Will the weather be nice?
Am I going to look as old as I think I do??

Trust me – I have heard it all before and I am here to help you and calm your fears! Hopefully, you have booked me as your Bend Family photographer (if not, here is where you can contact me!) so I will be able to walk you through the tips during our time together and help prep you as best as I can for our session together. But – if you are from elsewhere around the globe, these tips can help you too! Here are my top Five Tips for Your Family Photography Session…

1. Timing is Everything – When it comes to kids, timing is everything. Make sure to try and schedule your session during your kids prime happy time. If your kids are early birds maybe a sunrise session would be better than sunset. And alternatively, if your kiddos go to bed late then sunset is probably best for your family.

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2. Bring a Snack – If your kids are anything like mine they get more hangry than they do hungry. During my day-to-day life I’m sure you always keep you diaper bag stocked with snacks, and your photo session should be no different. A short little snack and water break can work wonders for kiddos (and parents too!) – just make sure the snacks that you bring aren’t too messy and easily clean up. I usually recommend Cheerios, Puffs, Fig Newtons, apple slices, raisins and/or baby carrots (if your kids are old enough). Leave the pouch and messy snacks for another time.

3. Plan your Wardrobe in Advance – This is mostly a “do as I say, not as I do” tip, as I have been guilty of this one too many times! Take the time to plan out your wardrobe – for the entire family – at least one week before your photography session. This will give you time to see what fits, take items to the dry cleaner if needed and pick up last minute items well before your session takes place. *Bonus Tip* Have a picky dresser? Start with their outfit first and base the rest of the family’s outfits around theirs. For me, that picky dresser is my oldest daughter. Once I get her approval on an outfit that she’ll wear I can figure out what the rest of us will wear. And then I don’t have to stress out about whether or not she will be happy in her outfit the day of the session.

Bend Family Photographer

4. Relax – Kids (and even husbands) feed off of your energy. If you are stressed, they will sense it and get stressed out too. If you show them that you are calm and relaxed during your session, they will likely follow suit! Fake it till you make it if you have to. As I tell all of my clients – trust your photographer and remember that it only takes a fraction of a second (usually around 1/500s for me!) to make a beautiful image. No matter what, we will get some amazing images of you and your family, so please don’t worry! If you feel yourself getting stressed out about your session take a deep breath, give your arms a shake and then plant a big old smile on your face. I’m telling you, it works!

5. HAVE FUN – This relates to the point above – during your photography session just relax and have fun. Don’t try and get your kids to smile. Don’t constantly fix your kids shirts or hair – just relax and have fun! The more relaxed you are and more fun you are having the more authentic and meaningful photographs your photographer is going to be able to make. I tell this to all of my clients – even if your child isn’t “cooperating” just let them be. Often times I am able to get them to do what I want, and if not then I just work with the child as they feel comfortable. I’ve seen it time and time again – the more parents fuss and direct their kids during the session the more stressed out everyone tends to be. Hand the reins over to me as soon as you arrive and just enjoy a full hour with your family, laughing and having fun 🙂

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Are you interested in booking a Bend Family Photographer? I am now taking bookings for Spring and Summer 2017. Sessions are fun, relaxed and capture true emotions and expressions – and are never stiff and posed! Less of a stuffy portrait session and more like having fun with your family for an hour 😉 Please contact me today to find out more or book your Bend family photography session.


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