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I know these types of posts usually come out around the holiday season, but so many people I know have birthdays and other fun events coming up this spring and summer (Mother’s Day! Father’s Day! Grandparents Day!) that I thought I would write this up now, instead of waiting another six months! These are some of my absolute favorite photography related items that you can purchase from consumer labs. Consumer labs meaning they are available to the general public – anyone can buy them. Items offered to my clients are exclusive as they are made only for professional photographers and not available to everyone. But sometimes we need something a little more casual, a little more fun to give as gifts and for storytelling our every day life. I own many of these myself and can attest to how fabulous they are!

Let’s get started!

Blurb Instagram Books
What I love about these books is that they are small and amazingly simple to make. I get the 7×7 size with a hard cover, standard paper and either grey or white end sheets. Log in to instagram, pull the photos  you want to include and that’s it! The software fills in the photos itself and most of the time it is exactly right. Sometimes I have to do a bit of shuffling but it is so easy peasy lemon squeezy (as my almost-five-year-old would say). I make one of these every January as a recap to the previous year. They are really nice, but no so nice that I can’t give them to my girls to look at. And boy do they look at them. At least once a week I pull one of them down at the request of my girls so they can flip through them.

consumer labs-100consumer labs-101

Artifact Uprising Postcard Packs
These postcards are so cute and such an amazing idea. I don’t know about you but the only things I seem to get in the mail these days are bills, junk mail and the occasional Amazon Prime delivery. How fun would it be to print up a pack of these postcards with images from your latest vacation, birthday party, or other special occasion and send them out to your friends and family? One idea that I saw that I absolutely love is to use images from your child’s birthday party and send these postcards as a “thank you note” of sorts. It doesn’t get much more personal than that! You can upload up to 20 different images to, what a great way to include some variety!

bend family photographer

Pinhole Press Mini Board Book of Names and Faces
I included this board book on my Facebook live post last week (miss it? Check it out for more details and to view the video) and I am still so excited about it. As I mentioned in my video, I made this for my youngest daughter for Christmas and it has been a huge hit in our house. Both of our girls love this book and it stays in their toy area in our living room, available for them to flip through at any time. I included photos of all of our immediate family and extended family. It is has a spiral binding and glossy pages so I don’t really have to worry about them ruining it. I highly recommend this gift for your little ones, from baby all the way through toddlers!

consumer labs-102consumer labs-104consumer labs-103

Pinhole Press Story Starter Memory Book
I have yet to buy this particular item but it’s in my shopping cart for this coming Christmas for my oldest daughter. She will be five and a half and she’s learning how to write and draw pictures. We have a lot of fun summer adventures planned and I thought this would be the perfect gift to get her involved in sharing her memories. You can pick whatever photos you want (could be from a trip, event or even family members) and your kiddos writes their memories from that photo and there is ample space to draw pictures as well. What a fun present to encourage reading, writing and drawing!

bend family photographer

So – there you go! A few of my favorite things. Do have any favorite photography related gifts to give? I would love to hear about them!

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